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Ubuntu Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not just a flash in the pan – it is the story of a dream come to life through hard work and a focus on the benefits that it will bring to the people that it will come into contact with. This is the very essense and nature of Ubuntu.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a number of great health benefits, which would appeal to the health conscious, but also simply to those who enjoy good natural food. The health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil include:

  • Monounsaturated fats help to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, which can aid in lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease.
  • EVOO is rich in Vitamins E, A, D and K – which are some of the essential vitamins needed for healthy skin and the prevention of premature aging.


When applied to the scalp, Olive Oil will moisturise the hair and reduce scalp irritation, which further reduces dandruff. Olive Oil has generally been viewed as a product mainly promoted to the wealthy – this is evidenced by the type of branding and packaging that will be seen on most supermarket shelves. In short – a little boring. However, with the design of the bottling and labels, as well as the uniquely African name which resonates with Africans from all walks of life – Ubuntu Extra Virgin Olive Oil
wants to tap into the heart of the nation, with a product that will be on
proud display in homes and kitchens across South Africa.

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