Rescue Me All Purpose Soothing Gel 90g

Rescue Me All Purpose Soothing Gel 90g

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Formulated with Aloe vera, UMF15 Manuka Honey & cooling essential oils, this gel offers relief from red, inflamed, itchy and burning skin. Aloe Vera contains many beneficial vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids and along with Manuka honey provides a superior soothing gel. The alcohol and fragrance free formula can help relieve sunburn and can be used after shaving and waxing.


Keep in fridge for an extra cooling effect.

Use like a hair serum to your split ends for an instant shine & long lasting rejuvenation.

Place a moistened cotton pad with our soothing gel on puffed up eyes for a cooling effect.

Helps take the sting out of minor burns and sunburn.

Relieve red, irritated skin and soothes itching.

Perfect for use after shaving and waxing.

Alcohol and fragrance free